Remarketing: AdWords for Video

You’re probably aware of how powerful remarketing via text and image ads on the GDN can be. (If not, you should definitely check out my previous blog on the topic.)

AdWords for Video — Google’s video ad serving solution for YouTube and the GDN — provides a number of additional opportunities to up-level your remarketing efforts. Advertisers using AdWords for Video can create remarketing lists for users who’ve interacted with their video content in a number of ways. You can create lists for channel page visitors, users who liked, shared or commented on your videos, and many other meaningful actions.

Here are three great strategies for leveraging video remarketing lists:

1.) Remarket to your YouTube viewers on the GDN

It’s quite possible that users who view your YouTube content will not actually make it to your website. If website engagement is your goal, you can use these lists to drive qualified users (by virtue of their interest in your videos) to your website with more targeted and customized messaging. You can also segment this traffic by creating custom lists based on specific engagement and actions for more flexibility in your GDN messaging.


2.) Remarket to you GDN viewers on YouTube

AdWords for Video allows you to target your video ads to your regular remarketing lists. This means you can create specific user segments for certain videos for ultra-relevant targeting. For example, you can create a list containing only users who viewed a specific product page and remarket to that segment only on YouTube with a video about that product.


3.) Remarket within YouTube

This approach allows you to take more control of your YouTube traffic flow by applying video audience remarketing lists to AdWords for Video campaigns. For example, remarket to users who visited a specific product video with ads relevant to that product or related products. This can also be very handy for to up-/cross-selling purposes.



  • AdWords for Video is a powerful way to engage your users given video’s uniquely powerful ability to tell a story. It’s also still pretty cheap, with average cost-per-views still hovering around $.10. However, the power of YouTube extends far beyond it’s ad serving capabilities. Smart advertisers are now realizing the fantastic content marketing opportunity in having a well designed and brand-consistent YouTube channel.
  • The real power for of this network comes when used to it’s full extent as a content platform (YouTube channel page), a social network (users comment on your content), and ad network (AdWords for Video). When used to this full extent, YouTube can serve as a one stop shop for building brand awareness, interest, and loyalty, and has application to every stage of the conversion funnel.
  • Remarketing on YouTube, within YouTube, and to YouTube users on the GDN are all great ways to capitalize on this powerful network. It achieves more cross-pollination between your website and YouTube content, more control of your user flow on YouTube, and more options for up-leveling your GDN targeting by using it as a bridge between the two.

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