The Mother Of Optimizations: AdWords Audit Features And Optimizations


You’ve internalized the myriad reasons for conducting an audit on your AdWords account.


You’ve organized your data by revisiting goals and KPIs and looking at relevant events and trends over time.


You’ve established a top-level list of KPIs and looked at aggregate performance over time.


You’ve performed a mini-audit of your account settings.


Now, it’s time to dig in!

Audit checkboard

This will be the last post in the series regarding preparation and organizational strategies for performing a comprehensive AdWords audit. From here, we’ll be exploring the 5 pillar framework in detail and getting our hands dirty with specific optimizations for each area.

There are two main areas of focus when looking at how to improve your AdWords account.


1.) Optimizing Current Content — The Five Pillars

  • Ads
  • Keywords
  • Structure
  • Bids
  • Landing Pages


2.) Implementation of New Features

  • New channels
  • New products and tools
  • New settings
  • New ad formats


Because we’ll be focusing so heavily on how to optimize current content in the second half of our series, let’s take a second to review the various channels on offer and the primary ways in which they’re used. Make a note of what’s not currently running but may represent an opportunity for your business.


AdWords Channels


  • Search — Users search using keywords, which trigger your ads. High value traffic due to contextual user intent.


  • Display – Users view ads on content sites across the Google Display Network. Ads are targeted via a variety of different targeting methods.


  • Remarketing — Ads are targeted to users who’ve already visited your site on the Google Display Network.


  • RLSA — Ads are shown to users who’ve already visited your site on the Google Search Network, but ads must still be triggered via a contextual keyword search


  • AdWords for Video Users are shown video ads on YouTube and across the Google Display Network


  • Product Listing Ads – Users are shown image-based product ads on the Google Search Network.



One of the best ways to increase performance is to look for new areas of expansion. Each of these channels contain their own strengths and weaknesses, and not all are equally appropriate for all businesses, but they all have tremendous potential to grow your brand and drive sales when used correctly.


Introducing the ‘Mother of all Spreadsheets’


Soon to be attached to this post is a comprehensive audit cheat sheet with enormous amount of information on features, networks, products, and best practices relating to AdWords performance. We’ll be using this sheet as a companion guide to our 5 Pillars section of the series.




  • There are two main areas of opportunity when trying to get more performance out of an AdWords account—1.) adding new features and channels 2.) optimizing current content
  • A quick rundown of the various channels available in AdWords shows that there’s a lot opportunity to target users in different ways
  • Faithful ‘Mother of Optimizations’ readers should consider the above list of AdWords channels and make sure there are no missed opportunities
  • The ‘Mother of All Spreadsheets’ is your comprehensive optimizations companion guide for 5 Pillars optimizing
  • The preparation and organization topics we’ve explored thus far all represent crucial steps to performing a successful AdWords audit.